Cystic acne and your immune system

Cystic acne is a clear indication of a well functioning immune system. Concomitant with a well functioning immune system, cystic acne sores provide a means of aerosol and other means of natural vaccination from a variety of diseases. These two factors seem interrelated and may indicate that males with acne have a more adaptable immune system which is clearly adapted to inoculation and vaccination, through acne sores, from natural exogenous sources.

The ability to survive epidemics, immunity, both partial and complete from a variety of diseases, an immune system exposed to a great variety of exogenous disease causing viruses, bacteria and etc through acne sources and thus more adapted to combat the same through cross immunity and specific immunity and increasingly adaptive immunity mechanism, and related processes, can explain the survival benefit of acne in men with the resultant increasing ability to pass this survival mechanism to future generations through mere survival itself despite the disfiguring effects of cystic acne.

Proper skin care, a proper diet and exercise. I know it seems kind of obvious, but washing your skin twice daily and using the proper skin care items do wonders. Eating properly and exercising will also help clear up your cystic acne, as well as make you appear better all over. Eating properly doesn’t mean eating till you’re 100 pounds, either, but getting actual good nutrition.  If your acne is bad, and a month or two of skin care and diet doesn’t help, go see a dermatologist.

Some people experience a miracle when they use medication and formulas, for others, other prescriptions are needed. Also, try to see what triggers blemishes for example, if you’re stressed out, try to relax some more.  There are some foods which can aggravate acne by making your produce more sebum, you may want to avoid those foods if you figure out what they are. Keep in mind that your skin is not going to become clear over night, it’ll take months or years. Most likely if your acne is really bad, it won’t ever clear up completely, you’ll have to always keep it at bay with various products, and if you miss a day or two, some pimples will form.

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What is the difference between acne and acne scars?

I currently have large zits on my face that just won’t go away! I’ve had them for about a month and a half now and I have never gotten so much acne and acne that has lasted for so long in my entire life! So I was beginning to wonder if they are scars. If anyone could please help me out, I’d really appreciate it.

Acne are the pustules,papules,whiteheads,and/or blackheads that are on your face or back.Some of them contain pus while others don’t.Acne scars are the indentation or actual scars that the acne leaves behind when the pus is out.The acne causes damage to the surface of the skin which results in scars.

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