Exposed Acne Treatments Myths and Untruths

There are many myths and misconceptions that surround acne and acne treatments:

Change your diet, an unhealthy diet causes acne. There is no medically proven link between diet and the causes of acne. Just eradicating chocolate and greasy food in isolation will not get rid acne.

Stress causes acne. Again, there is no proven link between stress and the causes of acne but it has been reported that acne may be associated with severe cases of stress.

Over the counter acne treatments and medicines are sure remove the symptoms of acne. Before you embark on a course of acne medication, you must consult your doctor as the effectiveness and side effects of the various treatments (and there are a vast range) varies from person to person depending on their individual skin type. Whilst some medicines can alleviate the less sever cases of acne, some require more serious treatment to get rid of the symptoms. Some side effects of these acne treatments include burning, inflammation and peeling of the skin.

Natural acne remedies do not work. This is not altogether true. Some reports have found that herbal acne treatments and natural remedies made from essential oils do provide some benefits and have been successful for some people in treating acne. It is important that those affected by acne research the subject well to ensure they get the right treatment for them. With all the conflicting advice and information available it can be very confusing. Acne can be a persistent condition but with the correct advice, perseverance and patience it can be overcome. Acne is an extremely common condition with many best acne treatments easily available.

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