Looking To Naturally Treat Your Acne Look At These Tips

Sometimes it’s difficult to remember that acne is a common condition that almost everyone has to deal with at some point in their life. Teenagers and young adults have a particular struggle with acne, as hormones and stress are especially common during those ages, which produces acne breakouts. So, are you currently dealing with acne? If so, you may have tried several popular (and expensive!) store-bought treatments, but you might find that you can get great results from natural acne treatments. This article is going to talk about some effective all-natural remedies you can try.

Of course, acne always pops up at the worst times, although we’re not so sure there ever is a good time to have acne! But for those last-minute, emergency treatments, there are a few things you can try without having to run to the store and shell out for an expensive name-brand product.

The first all natural acne treatment is found in almost every bathroom, but the thought of putting toothpaste on your face could seem a bit…odd. That’s right—toothpaste! Put a generous amount of toothpaste on each pimple right before bed. The toothpaste will help dry up the excess oil and greatly reduce redness while you sleep. Of course you can put toothpaste on your acne in the day time, just make sure you’re able to leave it on for a while so that it has plenty of time to soak up the excess moisture from the pimple. A good tip for those red pimples is to apply a bit of Visine eye drops. It won’t treat the pimple, but it will get rid of the redness.

Did you know that Neosporin could help you? Neosporin is an antibiotic that will kill the bacteria in the area you apply it to. Before bedtime, you should apply it to the acne in order to cause it to have a short life span. Honey is something that has natural antibacterial properties in it and it is perfect to use in the homemade acne treatment. In the end, some of the other types of homemade acne remedies you could use consists of baking soda, garlic, ice cubes, crushed aspirin (our favorite to use), potatoes and much more.



How do I treat acne and the scars it leaves behind?

I have tried nearly everything: Proactiv, antibiotics, shots to the face, over the counter creams, and just about everything. My acne goes away and then comes back. Not only that but it leaves scars behind as well as brown dots where the zits were. Can anyone suggest anything for acne, the scars, and the brown marks?

Ok, this is bacteria and it spreeads from one to form another. Do not touch your face unless you have washed your hands very, very well in soap and water.Our hands touch germs and bacteria all the time. Be very diligent. Change your pillow case often. Buy witch hazel and cotton bals and antibiotic ointment and q-tips. Every night take one cot. ball to each pimple and clean with witch hazel. Throw away. Use another on the next one, throw away. When done, let it dry and then take a q-tip and put ointment on each one…use clean q-tip on each one. Buy this at the dollar store. Then leave it on at night. you can use a cloth on your pillow to change or flip and then change to keep this clean. You also need to make a solution of salt water really warm to hot and soak a thick washcloth in it and apply to face at other times or even before you do this other routine at night. Let the cloth just lie on your face, resting, do not spread around. Let it draw the impurities out…press it and let it stay in one place. this will soften and draw. Now when you see a change you can start to just do the cleaning with witch hazel, use your judgement. But, do not touch your face during the day until you clean your hands well. Even restrooms are nasty!!! In the morning just use the witch hazel, it is an astringent and a PH balancer. Also, don’t eat greasy chips and sodas and chocolate. All the sugar feeds bacteria and yeast which plays a role in the infection. I wish You luck. Use witch hazel for the rest of your life. It’s cheap and it works.

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